Hello my name is Tabitha and I welcome you to this site! Obviously you have an interest in Disney and have decided to see what this blog may be able to offer towards your research on how to make Disney a feasible vacation for yourself and perhaps your family as well. what I envisioned this blog offering when I first decided to invest time into creating is hacks and suggestions into making Disney possible for many of those that may find it challenging in the sense of finances, things to know, and just simply suggestions that I had wished someone had offered me when planning my visits. Disney has a well deserved reputation for customer service and magical experiences and for many, despite costs, desire to return year after year given the guarantee of a positive experience based on customer service standards and a pristine operating system in terms of resorts, parks and cruise lines. I have spent countless hours researching blogs, social media sites and interviewing other Disney fanatics in hopes of discovering ways to make Disney more affordable and obtainable, particularly here from North Carolina. I will share with you what has been considered a waste or a great discovery in terms of travel, dining, and how to navigate parks and ensure everyone has a great time based on my experiences whether positive or negative. So grab a pen and paper and make sure you have your favorites tab ready, your going to need it!

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